Zoom Lessons

For those that don’ know me I been around the world and back, as a catcher playing professionally and also teaching the position. Catching is my passion and I train all levels of catchers from beginners, to club ball, high school, college, professional and national team catchers. I am very excited to work with the catchers. In the beginning I was hesitant about zoom lessons and how much can you actually get out of it. I have completed 2 years of it, and it was a huge success with my previous catchers and returners.

I train catchers very intense, with hard workouts, while teaching the catcher’s position. Our program will go for 8 weeks, once a week, an hour each week. The program is designed so a catcher can go inside or outside with no throwing partner, and get a lot out of our sessions. However, if someone wants to assist in feeding the balls, or receiving the throws, rather than throwing into a net that is okay too, but not necessary. We have our lessons rain or shine. If you need to go inside you do not need much space, (enough to throw into a net).

The layout of the sessions, the first portion of the session we focus on throwing drills. The middle of the session we do catcher’s specific situations and drills. The last part of the session we do a circuit of throwing drills to increase transfer speed, and power in the legs, while building arm strength and length. Equipment needed is a bucket of balls, a net to throw into, and a book bag filled with no more than 10 pounds. Each week of the trainings, they will build off each other. Week one is the easiest, and it gets more intense as we go.

PLEASE NOTE: Please place the zoom cameras behind the catcher. This way I can see footwork and technique best to give feedback. While we are in the catching position, you will learn lots of footwork for situations in a game. Also, while they are doing the drills, please have your catcher turn their microphone off, only because it sometimes picks up noises etc.

If you have questions at any time, please call, text or email me. Catching is my passion and I will give you all of my time during these next 8 weeks. I can assure you the catchers probably haven't trained as hard as they are about too in the catching role over the next 8 weeks. I also know this program will prepare the catchers for game situations and have them ready!